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What GPTWS participants have to say about the program -

"Music is a lifelong process, and we musicians must never miss an opportunity to get to know our art a little better. I am sure that most of us artists have discovered that there is always something new to learn. These seminars provide valuable opportunities to hear professionals share their well-presented and carefully thought out devices. One of the most important skills I learned was how to approach and maximize performances, and I still refer back to what I learned on a regular basis.  I would encourage everyone to attend; you never know what more you can gain!"

- Deanna P., pianist

"I want to thank you three wonderful coaches for all your generous, kind and helpful suggestions and direction. . . I especially appreciate your positive and encouraging manner - something that helps your students to aspire to do better and better. . ."         

– Carol B., violinist

“My experience in the GPT chamber workshop has helped me learn new pieces in a shorter amount of time. It also taught me how to coordinate with another instrument in terms of balance and being aligned in tempo. This experience not only helped me improve musically but also with communication.”   

– Brianna L., pianist


“Working with the Gemini Piano Trio was certainly an experience I'll treasure for a lifetime! I accomplished things I never thought I could accomplish and improved both as a person and as a musician. With the Chamber Workshop, I fine-tuned my listening skills; playing with other musicians required sensitivity and attentiveness that I never needed whilst playing solo. I am now better able to observe different voices in my personal repertoire. Outside of music, it is so important to be able to communicate effectively and collaborate with other people. Chamber music exercises such skills tremendously, from working out schedule conflicts to settling musical disagreements. Finally, the GPT challenged me to learn very difficult pieces in a short amount of time. I was amazed at the results- and now I can learn music more efficiently than ever before! My three summers with the Gemini Piano Trio Chamber Workshop taught me so much about music and I am so grateful!”

– Annie S., pianist


“The Gemini Piano Trio Chamber Workshop was a fantastic and enjoyable experience that elevated my level of playing, and fostered a positive environment for my musical growth. Being surrounded by fellow passionate and skilled musicians was quite motivational and engaging, and the energy of many artistic minds working together was palpable, which encouraged all of us to improve ourselves and strive for the best.


Chamber music taught me to become a more sensitive musician. Opening my ears and listening to my fellow musicians was one of the most important things that I learned to improve my playing. I have also learned that it is equally important to consider the context of the piece to convey ideas and emotions to the audience effectively. Likewise, to deliver an engaging and moving performance I learned to think like the audience to effectively connect with them. However, the workshop not only improved my musical technique and expression, but it also provided me with valuable experience working and collaborating with other musicians with different skills and backgrounds. Chamber performance is very different from solo performance in that there are more moving parts; creating a good performance requires a group effort. By playing with different musicians, I gained significant insight on important aspects of chamber music performance, such as considering various musical ideas to implement, strategies for rehearsing and coordinating with fellow musicians, and preparing for a performance.


I believe that the chamber music experience is a must for all musicians. Aside from learning how to work in a group, it also leads to self-growth. I have been playing chamber music for about four years and it has made me a more well-rounded musician and also a more open and receptive person. The skills that I have learned in chamber music - collaborating with others, taking leadership, and being responsible for my own part in the group - are important life skills that I have also implemented in my daily life, especially at work and in school. Most importantly, I realized that the beauty of music is how it connects people and spreads love and joy to others.”    

– Raphael E., violinist


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