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Lessons With Benjamin Myers

What's Different about My Teaching?

A bad teacher points out mistakes, while a good teacher shows you how to fix them. A superior teacher, though, not only shows you how to fix errors, but how to practice correctly, and how to generalize technical and musical solutions to similar areas in your repertoire and etudes. In other words, with me, you will not simply become a better cellist, you also will become a smarter, more musical and more independent musician.

Lesson Length

Young children who are beginners start with 30-minute lessons. Intermediate students usually take 45-minute lessons. Advanced students take one-hour or 1.5 hour lessons. I also offer chamber music coachings for one reasonable group fee--I don't just "multiply" the rate.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Blue Skies
Blue Skies


Lessons are scheduled monthly, and prepaid on the last lesson of the month. The approach to rescheduling is simple and completely equable: A last-minute cancellation (less than 24 hrs notice) from me results in a credit for the student; a last-minute cancellation from the student results in a forfeit. Requests with more notice to change lessons times made by either the student or me will result in either a rescheduled date or in a credit for the student. No surprises or disappointments for anyone.

"He is great at
communicating his knowledge and love for playing the cello to my son. He also has
a great sense of humor."

Kathy T.

"Dr. Ben is one of the best cello performers I have ever had the pleasure of watching and listening. To learn from him is to truly learn from the best."

Aparna S.

"Dr Myers really tailors to your needs in the lesson and is a great person all around."

Gabriel H.

"He pushes when appropriate and is understanding when things are frustrating. We highly recommend Dr. Myers for all ages and ability levels."

Paula S.

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